Wet Leg take shots at “full of it” ex-boyfriend on new track ‘Ur Mum’

Wet Leg have shared a brand new track called ‘Ur Mum’, which hears the Isle Of Wight duo take shots at an ex-boyfriend.

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The duo – Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers – will release their eagerly anticipated self-titled debut album on Friday (April 8), which they’ve previewed over the last year with the tracks ‘Chaise Longue’, ‘Wet Dream’, ‘Too Late Now’, ‘Oh No’ and ‘Angelica’.

On ‘Ur Mum’, Wet Leg throw insults in the direction of an ex-boyfriend. “When I think about what you’ve become, I feel sorry for your mum,” Teasdale’s sings on the opening lines of the track. Later she adds: “You’re always full of it/ Yo, why don’t you just suck my dick“.

The pair also take aim at the slow pace of small town life: “When the lights go down on this fucking town, I know it’s time to go.”

Speaking on the track, Teasdale said: “I was pretty angry at way things had gone in this particular dynamic. It’s just a diss song I wrote to make myself feel better. It worked.”

The track arrives with a zany video directed by Lava La Rue. In the clip, Wet Leg take on the role of shop assistants who torment a cocky protagonist who invites Teasdale to a gig for his band, Scotty & The Soft Boys. Things don’t go according to plan for the frontman, as you can see in the above.

“The ‘Ur Mum’ video was all about bringing the viewer into the Wet Leg world – sprinkling details throughout the visual that not only reference at least 4 songs off the album but also plenty of inside jokes within the band too,” La Rue said in a press release.

“Artistically it shows where the aesthetic of American indie films like Napoleon Dynamite fit perfectly in the scape of rural British settings – this concept first came to me when the band took me to IOW for the first time – I saw the connection and it all clicked into place.”

Meanwhile, Teasdale recently described to NME in a Big Read interview how she uses humour in her lyrics.

“I always try to dilute serious things with humour, I think,” Teasdale said. “So it only feels natural that if there’s a bit of humour in there, that would attach itself to something that’s maybe a bit sad. I will always try and make light of things.”

The duo also spoke to NME last year, during which Teasdale said Wet Leg wanted to be recognised as “guitar heroes”.

“We want to be recognised as guitar heroes, as it doesn’t hurt to win sometimes,” she said. “But also, you just have no control over these things as music is so subjective, and we’re not ultra competitive people…”

Chambers added: “Even on a practical level it’s been a challenge; I’ve struggled with asking for what I want in my monitors and coping with the size of the crowds that have come to see us. But that’s OK. We’re always learning.”

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