Watch Mitski’s dramatic performance of ‘Stay Soft’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Mitski has performed ‘Stay Soft‘ from her new album ‘Laurel Hell‘ on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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In the clip the singer-songwriter choreographs her performance with hand gestures, dancing and other theatrics. Watch it below.

The musician is currently on tour in support of her sixth album, which NME hailed in a four-star review as her “grandest music yet”.

In other news, Mitski has requested that fans stop filming “entire songs or whole sets” at her shows.

She took to Twitter last month to post a “note” in which she asked audience members to be considerate about their mobile phone habits at gigs.

“Hello! I wanted to speak with you about phones at shows,” she began. “They’re part of our reality, I have mine on me all the time, and I’m not against taking photos at shows (Though please no flash lol).

“But sometimes when I see people filming entire songs or whole sets, it makes me feel as though we are not here together. This goes for both when I’m on stage, and when I’m an audience member at shows.”

Mitski continued: “I love shows for the feeling of connection, of sharing a dream, and remembering that we have a brief miraculous moment of being alive at the same time, before we part ways. I feel I’m part of something bigger.”

The musician went on to say that people watching her perform through a screen makes her feel like she is being “consumed as content” as opposed to “getting to share a moment” with the crowd.

Mitski. CREDIT: Ebru Yildiz

Elsewhere, in February the singer got candid about her decision to take a hiatus from music and said how “absolutely terrible” it feels to be releasing music again.

“How does it feel to be releasing a record again? Terrible. Absolutely terrible,” she told the BBC, before going on to explain her complicated feelings about her career. “It’s like, ‘Oh Jesus, here we go again. I thought I was having fun and now it’s no fun anymore’.”

But while she was taking a break from music she was also “filled with regret and grief” thinking “maybe I’d made a big mistake”.

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