TXT’s Yeonjun says he almost “lost interest in performing” because of the pandemic

TXT member Yeonjun has opened up about how the pandemic affected his love for music and performing.

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In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine about the boyband’s ‘MOA X TOGETHER’ in-person fan meeting last month, the group spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic, which began just a year after their debut, had affected them as artists. The fan meeting event had marked the boyband’s first in-person event in over two years.

“I think a part of me will linger on the stage even now that it’s over,” said Yeonjun about the event. “I had been looking at empty seats with no MOA (TXT’s official fanbase) while performing all that time that I almost actually lost interest in performing a little,” he later confessed.

Elsewhere during the interview, vocalist Huening Kai echoed similar sentiments, adding that he had even started to question himself as a musician. “We did performances without MOA so many times,” he explained. “So sometimes I even doubted whether I could really call myself a singer.”

“I could still sense them continuously supporting us from afar, but I still felt sad since it’s better to see them in person, but we couldn’t,” said the K-pop idol. Meanwhile, leader Soobin shared that he had worried about feeling “shy and awkward” in front of TXT’s fans.

Last week, Big Hit Music confirmed that TXT are gearing up to release new music early next month. The as-yet-unnamed project will arrive nine months after the release of ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight Or Escape’, a repackaged version of their sophomore album ’The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’.

Earlier this year, members Taehyun and Yeonjun had joined American singer-songwriter Salem Ilese on her single ‘PS5’, a cut from her ‘Unsponsored Content’ EP. Notably, Ilese had co-written TXT’s viral 2021 track ‘Anti-Romantic’.

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