Tablo says Epik High are “not going to ever disband or stop doing music”

Epik High‘s Tablo has revealed that the hip-hop trio have no plans to disband or stop making music as a trio.

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The 41-year-old Korean-American rapper recently spoke to Complex in a new interview, during which he said that he didn’t ever see himself and Epik High having this degree of longevity as artists in the music industry.

“I also didn’t ever imagine that I’d be doing what I’m doing for more than three years when we started,” he admitted. “You know, I thought this was just something that I was really passionate about, but wasn’t sure that I wanted to make it a lifetime profession. It was just something perfect for me at the time in my early 20s.”

Tablo added that being a “kid” when he started making music with his fellow Epik High members Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, he never imagined that it would turn into what the trio has now.

“We’ve dedicated 20 years of our lives to Epik High. We’re not going to ever disband or stop doing music or stop being Epik High,” he added. “This is just who we are now, but I think it’s okay to explore what more we can be.”

In February, Epik High returned with their long-awaited record ‘Epik High Is Here 下, Part 2’, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Epik High Is Here 上, Part One’. The album dropped alongside a music video for lead single ‘Gray So Gray’, which features singer Younha, who had previously worked with the trio on their 2014 song ‘Umbrella’.

Back in January, Coachella announced that the K-hip-hop group would be part of the festival’s comeback lineup. Epik High are set to perform at Coachella 2022’s two Friday dates, both of which will also mark the final dates in Epik High’s previously announced North American tour.

“Coachella added to Epik High’s North America Tour? Dream came true,” said the trio in a statement. “The last two years were tough for everyone, so we’re gonna go 1,000% to make the crowd forget the world and enjoy themselves.

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