Sorn reveals she still talks to her former CLC members “every single day”

Sorn has opened up about her current relationship with her former CLC members, following her departure from the girl group in 2021.

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In a recent interview with Elle Magazine Singapore, Sorn spoke about what it was like to leave the group after spending almost her entire career with them. The Thai-born K-pop idol also opened up about the difficulties she has faced as a solo artist, compared to having a groupmates to fall back on.

“It was kind of awkward to go from working with six other people to working by yourself, and sometimes it was quite lonely – to be on stage by myself, to film things by myself,” Sorn explained.

The singer later opened up about how had it was to find her musical direction and identity after going solo. “I was struggling to find myself,” Sorn elaborated. “Being in a group with CLC, we each had our own colour and our own style but coming out from there and doing my own music was really hard for me because I was so used to being in a group.”

“I had to consider, what music do I actually want to do? What type of music do I actually want people to remember me by? What type of artist do I want to be?” she mused.

Despite her departure from the group, Sorn shared that she is still on good terms with the members of CLC. “I miss them a lot, but we still talk every single day, and we still support each other,” she said.

Notably, Sorn was the second member to leave CLC, following Hong Kong-born Elkie in early 2021. Since then, Seungyeon and Yeeun have left CUBE Entertainment as well, just this past March, though seem to still remain as part of CLC.

Sorn recently made her comeback with a new solo single titled ‘Scorpio’. This marks her second release since her departure from CLC and CUBE Entertainment last year. In late February, she released her first single since going solo and signing with WILD Entertainment Group‘Sharp Objects’.

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