Snoop Dogg banned from calling his cereal brand ‘Snoop Loopz’

Snoop Dogg has announced that he cannot legally call his new cereal band ‘Snoop Loopz’.

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The rapper originally launched the gluten-free marshmallow-filled cereal with Master P back in August, but has since been informed that he cannot use the name. The likeliest reason for this is the possibility of Kellogg’s, who make the cereal Froot Loops, threatening legal action.

The pair confirmed the change on their respective Instagram accounts. “So they don’t want us to use Snoop Loopz on our cereal box even though that’s that’s my name. We’ve built a national brand and disrupted the cereal industry, we did it with hard work and integrity. I know they’re uncomfortable and scared,” Dogg said

“But our mission is to build diversity and economic empowerment. Times have changed. There’s enough room for all of us to be successful. This is bigger than us, we are fighting for the next generation of entrepreneurs. We’re no longer just being consumers, we’re educating the culture building our own brands, and passing down generational wealth. Broadus Foods is all about helping the community.

Snoop Dogg (Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global) + Master P (Rick Kern/Getty Images)

“It’s official we’re taking over the breakfast foods industry. They can’t stop us. It’s David versus Goliath. @masterp and I got the slingshot. This is a minor setback for a major comeback. #GodsPlan What do YOU think we should name our new cereal?”

Broadus Foods previously said they would be donating a portion of the cereal’s profits to charity, including homelessness organisation Door of Hope.

Jack White had some thoughts on the cereal brand when it was originally announced. “I do have a couple of important questions about the box that the cereal is delivered to customers in,” he said on Instagram. “In the press release from Broadus Foods, the photo of the cereal box contains the words ‘MORE MARSHMALLOWS’. More than what? If this is in fact a brand new cereal, it can’t be more marshmallows than ‘before’.

“Is it a statement that this cereal has more marshmallows than say… a bag of sand, or a typical Caesar salad? Or, is it a DEMAND from Snoop Dogg himself that we just have more marshmallows in this world in general? That last theory is my hope.”

Elsewhere, Snoop Dogg confirmed last month that a biopic about his life is in the works.

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