SEVENTEEN bask in sunlight in new teaser for ‘Darl+ing’ music video

SEVENTEEN have dropped a new teaser for the music video of their upcoming English-language single ‘Darl+ing’.

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In the new visual, the 13 members of the K-pop group are seen in frolicking in a wheat field, intercut with scenes of the group enjoying life in a mystical, lush house. They seem to be playing with each other on the field, with member Wonwoo blindfolded, but he finds himself all alone once he removes the blindfold as the teaser comes to an end.

“You know without you, I’m so lonely / When you’re not here, 911 calling / Into your head, again I’m diving,” the group croon in the teaser. ‘Darl+ing’ is due out later this week on April 15 at 1pm KST / 12am ET.

‘Darl+ing’ will be SEVENTEEN’s first-ever English single performed by all 13 members of the band, and will act as a pre-release track for the group’s full-length album, which due to be released in May.

Prior to this, sub-units and solo members of the group have released songs in English. These include Vernon and Joshua on ‘2 Minus 1’ from group’s most recent mini-album ‘Attacca’, which was released in May 2021, and Woozi with his solo mixtape ‘Ruby’.

Meanwhile, the new full-length album will also be the group’s fourth full-length studio album since their debut, coming almost three years after their previous record ‘An Ode’, which dropped in September 2019.

SEVENTEEN also reently partnered with Apple for the first-ever K-pop ‘Today at Apple’ session spotlighting ‘Darl+ing’, which will feature the members of the boyband sharing about their creative process, after which participants will be guided through using the tech company’s music creation software GarageBand.

The first session ‘Music Lab: SEVENTEEN Remix’ will take place on April 15 at the Apple store in Myeongdong, Seoul. The K-pop ‘Today At Apple’ session is set to also launch in several other Apple stores across Asia.

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