Jockstrap share abstract music video for new single ‘Concrete Over Water’

London pop duo Jockstrap have released the abstract music video for ‘Concrete Over Water’, a new single from their upcoming debut album.

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Released by Rough Trade on April 12, the seven-minute-long single continues Jockstrap’s penchant for frenetic instrumentation. Its music video, directed by the band and Eddie Whelan, sees the duo playing out a narrative with characters created by vocalist Georgia Ellery.

“The video was born out of the celestial themes in the song,” she explained in a statement.

“Eddie and I created the characters (Moongirl, Voyager, Magma Boy, etc.) to explore the feelings of wonder, inspiration and the search for answers, to reflect what the song represents to me.”

Watch the music video for Jockstrap’s ‘Concrete Over Water’ Below.

‘Concrete Over Water’ follows the release of ‘50/50’, another track from the duo’s upcoming album, in November 2021. ‘50/50’ went on to soundtrack Stella McCartney’s 2022 Paris Fashion Week show. Before that, Jockstrap had last released music in the form of their September 2020 mixtape ‘Beavercore’.

Earlier that year, Jockstrap released their debut EP ‘Wicked City’. It received a four-star review from NME writer Luke Cartledge, who described it as “strange and invigorating”. He praised the inventive songwriting that was “like nobody else at the moment”, which would in turn land Jockstrap in the 2021 NME 100 list of essential emerging artists.

Speaking to NME following the release of ‘Wicked City’ in June 2020, Skye described their writing process as one with “no limits”, saying, “There are parts of the songs that we don’t understand.”

“Whenever I make music there have to be parts of it I don’t understand – you have to be expressing something you don’t really know or can’t talk about, there has to be a mysterious thing.”

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