‘Heardle’ just tricked music fans around the world to mark April Fools

Heardle has tricked music fans around the world with today’s genius song selection in celebration of April Fools Day.

Created off the back of Wordle‘s viral success, the daily music game launched last month and tasks players with guessing a classic track in as little time as possible. Fans get six tries overall, with each attempt or ‘skip’ revealing another portion of the tune.

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Per Headle‘s official website, the featured tracks are “plucked from a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade”, so music lovers have a decent chance of guessing them correctly.

For today’s game (April 1) Heardle took inspiration from the undying ‘Rickroll’ meme that first took over the internet back in the mid-’00s.

The prank baits unsuspecting victims with a hyperlink in disguise as something legit – for example: a news story, video or song that’s related to the subject matter being discussed online. Upon clicking, the user is instead directed to the video for Rick Astley’s 1987 synth-pop anthem ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

Heardle fans soon took to Twitter this morning to report that the ‘Rickroll’ had infiltrated the game, with one calling the April Fools nod “outstanding”.

“Wait. OK that’s good. April fools. Dammit Heardle,” a second user wrote. Another said: “omg the worlds most epic april fools @Heardle_app.” You can see those reactions and more below.

If you know the makers of #Heardle personally, buy them a pint. Outstanding #AprilFools.

— Joshua Dodd (@JoshDoddRadio) March 31, 2022

Wait. Ok that’s good. April fools. Dammit Heardle pic.twitter.com/VKZXIhqkzg

— Bryan Kastelan (@itsamebk) April 1, 2022

omg the worlds most epic april fools @Heardle_app

— claire de lune (@ClaireMPLS) April 1, 2022

5 minutes into april fools and got rick rolled by heardle <3

— tisha (@lokelanimakamae) April 1, 2022

The perfect choice on April Fools Day. Well played Heardle #Heardle #35

— Amy (@richbluecoast) April 1, 2022

heardle just hit me with the greatest april fools joke of all time lmao

— x – nate (@ItsNxtee) April 1, 2022

Vintage April fools joke that#Heardle #35


— Frankie Muniz but funnier (@fcnewsome) April 1, 2022

And so the April Fools silliness commences#Heardle #35


— 𝗛𝘂𝗿𝗿𝗮𝗵 for 𝗣𝗹𝘂𝗺𝘀 (@JudgeRaymondo) April 1, 2022

In some cases, Heardle took its pranking one step further – with numerous players reporting that they weren’t even given the option to hear a song or guess an answer today.

An error message read: “Oh no! Seems like today’s track is unavailable on SoundCloud in your location. We’re really sorry. The answer is here though, if you want to maintain your streak. We won’t tell.”

The attached link then took users to – you guessed it – Rick Astley’s classic one-hit-wonder (via HITC).

Other recent Heardle answers include Cardi B‘s ‘Up’, Ace Of Base‘s ‘All That She Wants’, Foo Fighters‘ ‘Learn To Fly’ and Dolly Parton‘s ‘Jolene’. You can keep up to date with NME‘s Heardle guide here.

Last month, a fan-made Heardle-inspired game based on songs from BTS began making the rounds on the internet.

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