Harry Styles drops out of ‘Nosferatu’ remake with Anya Taylor-Joy

Harry Styles has reportedly quit Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu remake with Anya Taylor-Joy.

According to The New Yorker, the actor and musician was briefly attached to the project reuniting Eggers with The Witch and The Northman star Taylor-Joy.

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A representative for Styles then confirmed the news to Variety, citing scheduling concerns as the reason for Styles’ exit.

Eggers’ remake was first reported in 2017, with Taylor-Joy initially attached since starring in the director’s first feature.

“It was an indie horror in its day, a bit rough around the edges yet it’s one of the greatest and most haunting films ever made,” the filmmaker had told Shudder of his love for the original horror film.

“The newly restored colour tinted versions are really impressive, but I still prefer the poor black and white versions made from scraps of 16mm prints. Those grimy versions have an uncanny mystery to them and helped build the myth of Max Shreck being a real vampire.”

Meanwhile, Harry Styles is set to release his new single ‘As It Was’ this Friday (April 1), ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Harry’s House’.

Joni Mitchell – of whom Styles is a noted fan – recently shared her approval of the name of Styles’ upcoming album.

Mitchell, who wrote the song ‘Harry’s House/Centerpiece’ as part of 1975 album ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’, retweeted Styles’ post announcing ‘Harry’s House’ and wrote “love the title”. In another tweet, Mitchell wrote the lyrics to the first verse of her song.

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