Grimes is preparing to release an “intergalactic children’s metaverse book”

Grimes has announced her intention to release an “intergalactic children’s metaverse book”.

As reports, the musician revealed her plan while speaking remotely at the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona last week. The summit was a conference for developers, researchers and others interested in the blockchain platform Avalanche.

The project will be a part of Culture Catalyst, a $100million initiative by the Avalanche Foundation and NFT platform OP3N that will focus on funding Web3 entertainment projects from musicians, filmmakers and other artists.

“When I first got into Web3, this was the kind of project I was hoping to see,” Grimes, who has two young children, told the audience at the conference while speaking from a video screen.

“I’m very excited to be partnering with OP3N to launch a series of educational art for babies and small children with the goal of creating a profound experience for babies that is also deeply meaningful to adults.”

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Last year, Grimes auctioned off a suite of digital NFT artworks through the Nifty Gateway marketplace. During her appearance at Avalanche Summit, she said that she hadn’t released any more NFTs since then due to “environmental concerns” but that she felt “totally comfortable launching on Avalanche”.

Grimes is currently gearing up to release a new EP, ‘Fairies Cum First’. The electronic artist released its first single, ‘Shinigami Eyes’, back in January. The EP will serve as a prelude to Grimes’ forthcoming album ‘Book 1’, which is set to arrive sometime this year and was previewed with the single ‘Player Of Games’.

Last week, Grimes admitted to orchestrating a takedown of the indie blog Hipster Runoff in 2012.

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