(G)I-DLE are on the run in high-octane teaser for ‘Tomboy’ music video

(G)I-DLE have dropped the first teaser for the music video for their upcoming single, ‘Tomboy’.

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The new visual, which takes on the format of a movie trailer, begins with a shot of a red Jaguar car as its passengers begin exiting the vehicle. It then cuts to the five members of the K-pop group staring menacingly into the camera as they close the trunk down on it.

Shots of (G)I-DLE running with luggage then follow, before they engage in a race outside the “I-dle Drive-Thru Theatre’. The teaser ends with main vocalist Miyeon walking away from a burning car as it bursts in flames behind her.

‘Tomboy’ is due out March 14 at 6pm KST, and will be the title track of the group’s forthcoming first-ever studio album ‘I Never Die’. Earlier this week, the group also released a “special video” for ‘My Bag’, a cut from the album.

‘My Bag’ was co-written and -composed by (G)I-DLE’s leader Soyeon. She had notably worked on nearly all the songs on ‘I Never Die’, including lead single ‘Tomboy’. Meanwhile, Chinese-born member Yuqi worked on ‘Liar’ and ‘Polaroid’, while Thai-born Minnie contributed to ‘Already’ and ‘Escape’.

‘I Never Die’ will be the girl group’s first project since former member Soojin left the group in August 2021. At the time, CUBE Entertainment did not name any explicit reasons for the idol’s departure, but also apologised for “having caused concern through the controversy associated with [Soojin]”.

Last week, CUBE Entertainment released a statement notifying the public of the official termination of Soojin’s contract, six months after her departure from (G)I-DLE. “We respect the results of the police investigation, and we apologise for causing concern to many people,” said the company.

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