BTS’ RM says having haters means the boyband are “in the mainstream”

BTS leader RM has shared his thoughts on having haters and what that means for the boyband’s career.

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In a recent V Live livestream session held on April 9, the 27-year-old rapper had opened up about his thoughts on the group’s haters, and his advice for the group’s fanbase (officially known as ARMYs) for when they encounter hate targeted towards the K-pop group.

“Of course, there have always been the haters. Always,” he said. “Perhaps that’s our fault, but sometimes it’s not. There have always been those who hate us, there’s no group that is loved by everyone.” RM then goes on to point out that having haters in the US “means that we’re now in the mainstream”, adding that he thinks “it’s great”.

However, the BTS leader also cautioned fans from speaking out against the group’s haters, noting that type of behaviour is what haters are trying to elicit from fans. “You know, it’s easy to hate someone, [and say things like] ‘I saw them today, they’re awful’ or ‘They’re weird’,” he said.

“It’s so easy to say that, so if you leave comments under that, [haters] would love to see that,” RM added. “So not doing that and just ignoring them would be better for your health.”

The BTS member also noted the irony of haters, saying that there’s only a “thin line between fans and haters”. He pointed out that “sometimes [haters] know more about us than [causal] fans.”

“Because hating requires a lot of energy,” he continued. “So if we just keep doing our best, they may someday be our fans. It’d be nice if that happens, and if not, I don’t care.”

Elsewhere during RM’s livestream, he hinted at new solo music being in the works, which he said he’ll aim to have released “within this year”. “It’s going well. I believe it’ll be cool, I believe I’m making many good songs. I have a high standard,” he added.

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